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Market Research

In 2013, the City of Port Arthur contracted CDS Market Research to create a plan that would address the next steps to current  development trends.


Since the economy had declined significantly since the 1960s, other
economic forces had to be harnessed in order to support a downtown
in Port Arthur; such forces include the rehabilitated GTEC building that
houses Bechtel’s hiring office for the Cheniere Energy plant expansion,
the restoration and reuse of the First National Bank building by the Port
Arthur Economic Development Corporation, the desire of Lamar State
College to open its first true student housing, and the ongoing popularity
of the Museum of the Gulf Coast.

The report ultimately analyzed existing economic and demographic
factors that exist downtown and determined what could be added to
help set the stage for more positive development in the future. The plan’s
near-term strategic actions included rehabilitating the Hotel Sabine to a
mixed-use student housing facility, developing a destination waterfront
restaurant near the boardwalk, improving and programming public
spaces at the intersection of Procter and Waco, making an economic
development policy to directly assist rehabilitation and renovation of
existing commercial properties; and lastly, dedicating and empowering a
non-governmental organization to facilitate, coordinate and communicate
for downtown. It will be critical to consider this study in this Downtown
Plan because many of the trends and baseline analysis done in the report
will apply to the purposes of this plan. The considerations and issues
facing Port Arthur that are identified in this plan still carry weight and
purpose in the Downtown Plan, as many of these issues are the same
and remain relevant today. It will be important to consider past economic
trends alongside this Downtown Plan’s detailed analysis in order to
provide the most comprehensive review and recommendations.

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